Fiberglass Mat for Carpet Tiles

Fiberglass mats are widely used as carrier component in carpet tiles and provide critical functions. They ensure dimensional stability of a carpet to prevent shrinkage, expansion, doming and up-curl under temperature and humidity changes. Additionally the glass nonwoven provides resistance to delamination between primary and secondary backing layers in the carpet tile.

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Philippe Bekaert
Global Portfolio?Leader

"Johns Manville has developed multiple Evalith? product series suitable for use in carpet tiles. The design of a fiberglass mat is important to achieve the critical functions of the carpet, so we select fiberglass and binder types to achieve the best results possible."


What is a Fiberglass Mat?

A fiberglass mat (also called glass veil or glass nonwoven) is a flat fabric composed of chopped fiberglass oriented in a random pattern and bonded together. Originally invented to replace cardboard in waterproofing membranes, fiberglass mats have long since conquered additional applications such as commercial and residential construction, energy storage and automotive. Fiberglass mat can be tailormade to fit the properties the end applications require by adjusting for instance the fiberglass (glass type, fiber sizing, fiber length, fiber diameter, fiber mixture), the binder systems, the mat thickness, and the mat density. Fiberglass mat is sold in rolls of various widths and lengths. Most of the glass fiber mats manufactured worldwide are produced on similar (but not identical) machines to those used in the paper industry.


Souvik Nandi
R&D Director

"Did you know?that our Evalith? 1000 products use a U.S. Department of Agriculture certified bio-based binder recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an award-winning green chemistry technology?"



Tim Swales
Chief Sustainability Officer

"Johns Manville's Evalith? 1000 series uses a novel formaldehyde-free binder which contains more than 90% certified bio-based content."

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