Often invisible, but around us every day to improve our lives:?technical nonwovens. Simultaneously tough, durable, and versatile, these?engineered fabrics offer added value for a variety of applications ranging from?the construction industry to building interiors, composites, thermal insulation?and more.

Johns Manville Engineered Products manufactures Evalith? nonwoven materials using multiple technologies, including wet-laid, air-laid, needle punch, polyester spunbond and PP/PBT meltblown production processes. This enables us to offer one of the broadest product portfolios on the market and to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers.?


Tom Balkom
Commercial Director

"For decades, Johns Manville’s Evalith? technical nonwovens have been the hidden champions in?numerous markets and at the same time the starting point for many of?today’s groundbreaking innovations and sustainable solutions."??

Discover a selection of our nonwoven products

Glass Nonwovens Wet-Laid 700x475

Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass Mat for Bituminous Roofing 2_1400x748
Fiberglass Mat for Ceiling Tiles_1400x748
Fiberglass Mat for Resilient Flooring_1400x748
Fiberglass Mat for Roof Decks_1400x748
Fiberglass Mat for Carpet Tiles_1400x748
Fiberglass Mat for Roofing Shingles_1400x748
Fiberglass Mat for LVT Flooring_1400x748

Polyester Nonwoven



Polyester Nonwoven for Bituminous Roofing_1400x748
Polyester Nonwoven for Carpet Tiles_1400x748

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