Micro Fiberglass for HEPA/ULPA Filtration

HEPA/ULPA rated filter materials provide the highest purity in air filtration. They are catagorized under different efficiency classes according ISO 29463. Major applications include air filters for clean rooms, hospitals, and industrial processes. HEPA/ULPA filters are the final filters in multi staged filtration configurations and targeted at removing ultrafine particles like viruses or smoke and soot.



Markay Harrington
Global Product Manager

"Johns Manville's Evalith? micro fiberglass is the key component in specialty glass nonwoven used in ultra-pure air and liquid filtration. They combine fine diameter with strength, consistency, and purity."


What is micro fiberglass?

Micro fiberglass has a fineness in the micron or sub-micron range. It is produced using molten glass to form fine fibers that are subsequently stretched. The stretching can be reached by applying centrifugal forces or by air attenuation.


J?rg Meier
Product Development Leader

"Did you know that Johns Manville's advanced technology allows us to offer the finest Evalith? micro fiberglass (code 90) in the range of 200 nm fiber size?"



Tim Swales
Chief Sustainability Officer

"Johns Manville provides world class Evalith? micro fiberglass materials enabling filter producers achieving high efficiency, low pressure drop solutions while reducing operating energy costs."

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