Direct Roving for Thermoset Composites

Direct roving – also called single-end roving – for thermoset composites is used in pultrusion processes and to produce woven fiberglass fabrics. During the fiberglass production the direct roving is treated with a silane-based sizing to ensure compatibility with thermosets such as UP, VE, and epoxy resins. The products made of this direct roving find their way into infrastructure, construction materials, transportation equipment, open mesh for abrasive materials / grinding wheels, building facades, road reinforcements and much more.

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Peter Sivak
Global Product Manager

"StarRov??is a single-end roving (direct roving) ideal for thermosets. It is perfect for weaving processes as it provides a wide and uniform strand width which allows to produce a superior fabric without gaps."

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What is a single-end roving (direct roving)?

A direct roving or single-end roving is manufactured by winding fiberglass directly into a clearly defined tex or yield. It is designed to be used mainly as an input for weaving processes, providing easy unwinding due to even tension, low fuzz generation and excellent wettability. It can be utilized in different process technologies, such as pultrusion or filament winding. The end-use composites applications can be found in infrastructure, building, marine, sport & leisure, and water transportation.


Frantisek Sabo
Global Innovation Manager

"Did you know?that Johns Manville is capable of testing physical and mechanical properties as we are fully equipped with a magnitude of state-of-the-art laboratory testing devices. We can assist you in developing the product with the properties you desire."


Fiberglass Product Selection
GMP Certification

Tim Swales
Chief Sustainability Officer

"Our new development for single-end roving (direct roving) is dedicated to bio-based film-formers which are a substantial part of the fiberglass sizing recipes. Bio-based film-formers can decrease the carbon footprint of the supply chain."

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