Johns Manville offers?one of the most comprehensive portfolios of commercial?low-slope roofing solutions. We have a long standing dedication to?providing solution-based systems for building owners.

The Owner Services Group is here to help navigate post-installation needs for our valued Peak Advantage? customers, whether it be transferring the guarantee,?learning more about extensions or assisting with leak claims.

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Our Solutions

With excellent specification assistance, the highest quality products, and proper installation, you can count on JM to meet your roofing needs.

Choosing a Roof System

When planning your?new roof or re-roof, there are many factors to consider. It is best to?work with your design professional as different building?conditions, building type, environment, and location all play a role.

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Building Considerations

Choosing the best roof system for your building type is?more important?than just cost. We offer roofing systems?with specific benefits for buildings like:??

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Environmental Considerations

States, districts, cities and even counties can have?different?roofing codes and regulation requirements when it comes?to commercial?roofing.? White roofing or reflectivity,?green?solutions, and even types of adhesives for installations?might be mandated. We can help with certifications like:?

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Various weather scenarios can?influence your roof. We?have solutions?that may mitigate the effects of:??

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Lifecycle Considerations

Whether selecting materials and details for a new roof, exploring options to extend the service life of an?existing roof, or looking at ways to save on a future reroof, JM has a variety of solutions to help achieve?your goals.???

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Nationwide Distribution Network

We have strategically placed our distribution and manufacturing facilities across the nation to ensure that materials reach your destination on time.

We have numerous locations coast to coast, so you can be confident that our quality products will ship right to your job site.

Not only are our manufacturing facilities across the country, our network of distribution and approved Peak Advantage? contractors allows you to find someone locally that can help you with your next project.

The JM Peak Advantage

Johns Manville offers?one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the roofing industry. That’s the?advantage you can expect from a financially stable, dependable leader that has?been around for over 160 years. You can rest assured that your roof contains?quality products that can be guaranteed with a full system JM Peak Advantage?Guarantee. We even offer up to 30-year guarantees on certain roof assemblies?and optional extensions!

We understand that your roof may not be something that you think of every day.? Performing seasonal maintenance on your roof?twice a year may help extend the life of your roof as well as detect unforeseen?issues.

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The GSA Bannister project is one of the largest commercial roofing projects in Kansas City, at around 13 acres. The past system was a cold tar pitch roof that was not a taper...